Arizona Trauma Institute works with professionals, companies, and organizations to provide training in trauma sensitive care. We provide courses for individuals who wish to improve the treatment they provide to their patients, as well as consulting and training to large corporations who want to provide instruction in Trauma Sensitivity to their employees. Those who are trained in Trauma Sensitivity improve their methods and understanding of how to best help those around them that have experienced a trauma. At Arizona Trauma Institute, we give you the tools you need to not only help a patient through their trauma, but to help them fully recover and heal so that they are able to live a life free of therapy.


I just started and it is brilliant. I work with the Criminal Youth Justice System and the Dep. of Education and Child Dev. in Australia, so I work with a lot of social workers, caseworkers, and of course foster families, crisis management etc. I do not counsel just the youths, I actually am more on hand for the caseworkers, social workers, and all others who work in the industry if need be.


The work you are doing here is amazing. I am glad you are making this knowledge and skill set available to the rest of the clinicians around the world.


Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to participate. It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much!


The information that was given was not just beneficial to work with clients but it also profoundly changed my life.  


I am a Somatic Trauma Counsellor and Bodywork therapist in the UK, your teachings have revolutionised the way I manage CPTSD and trauma recovering clients.


I feel that simply educating myself in this area was crucial for me to find my peace of mind. Thank you for sharing the knowledge that I perceive invaluable not only for my and my daughter's wellbeing (making me understand how to be a better parent), but also professionally (taking into account psychology-physiology association when looking at the data).